Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss

Everybody loves a good bite of anything delicious. You can’t deny it. Imagine the sweet taste of chocolate or a juicy piece of steak inside your mouth. Sounds mouthwatering isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want that anyway? Obviously we need food to have our batteries full and to have a recharged day ahead. Without it for a week, you’re dead before you know it.

Weight Loss

It may be an unacceptable fact but not all that glitters is gold. Just because it’s tasty and delicious, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. There are lots of foods that spell illness if taken in large amounts. Foods that are high in cholesterol or fat can lead to heart and vascular diseases. Those foods with burnt area especially meat can be carcinogenic, often leading to colon cancer.

These are just examples of how you pay the price for eating something delicious carelessly. You need to watch what you take inside that mouth of yours. If you don’t get any exercise plus the type of food that you eat, chances are that you’ll get fat and very unhealthy.

Exercising doesn’t cut it for some people. They find waking up early in the morning exhausting. If you’re one of those people, never worry for you still have a chance of reaching that sexy bod.

For food lovers, this will be your lucky day. There are different types of food that can assist you or even let you lose weight. It may seem ridiculous but eating your way to fitness is tested and proven to be true. In case you don’t believe this, better do some research or keep on munching.

Here are the five foods that can bring about weight loss. They act in different ways but the results are same. Check it out and maybe this can help you think twice about eating too much unhealthy food.


If you think cucumber slices are only for your beauty sleep, think again. Wash it well after you take it out of your eyelids and eat them. Even though it may contain a regular amount of vitamins, it can still make you feel full. The good thing about cucumbers is that it contains few calories. Way better than tearing those potato chip wrappers.


Everybody’s breakfast cereal can definitely take your body to sexiness. Consuming these whole grains contribute to weight loss by adding bulk to your diet that makes you feel full for a longer period of time which can result to lesser cravings.


Aside from its tangy taste, grapefruits also aid in weight loss by lowering down your insulin levels. So having a sip of natural grapefruit juice can help you pave your fitness road.

Shell-coated Foods

Sometimes controlling your diet means distracting yourself. Shell-coated food such as peanuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts and a lot more can let you lose weight by letting you linger in the nuts’ flavor. Instead of eating a lot, you can feel full by just loving what you eat.


Go for the real fruit not for the puree or the juice. Chewing on an apple sends signals to your brain that you’re eating something that contains a lot of content. This results into feeling full after you do eat and apple. Plus it contains fiber for faster bowel movement and a cleaner digestive tract.

You’ve seen what can help you melt all that fat away. Now it’s time to choose and eat your way up to becoming the future Mr. Olympia or Ms. Universe 2014.