5 Desserts That Will Make You Lose Weight  

Sweets are one of the elements of eating nirvana. The taste of sugary confectionaries rolls right into your tongue and linger for you to keep on enjoying the moment. In right amounts, sweets give you instant energy, in case you don’t have your main energy sources. This should always be eaten in moderation. Eat too much and you’ll end up like a wrecking ball (Not the Miley Cyrus video!).

Weight Loss

Not only you’ll have a sugar rush from eating too much, but you get to have a higher risk for debilitating disorders such as Diabetes Mellitus. Too much sugar can diminish the body’s ability to create insulin which regulates the amount of glucose within your body. This can result to blindness, weakness and worse, gangrene. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

Never to worry for there is always a second chance for everyone who loves to eat desserts.

It is everybody’s dream come true when you get to eat dessert and lose weight at the same time. A lot are thinking that this fact is erroneous but it’s proven otherwise. Now that is the ultimate triumph of everyone against the stigma of the correlation between desserts and increased fat cells.

This is phenomenal in the world of food, but you can’t deny the fact that science has played a big role in this wonderful discovery. Without it, we would not know about proper eating and the proper food to eat. To find out if what are these mouth-watering desserts that have the capability to aid you in losing fat, here is the list of five of these sweet angels waiting to come into your mouth.

Lemon Mousse with Strawberries

This is one healthy option, with strawberries as the star of the show. Strawberries contain a ton of health benefits. The amount of antioxidants it has can definitely help you rejuvenate your body. In the case of the mousse part, you substitute the usual eggs and cream component to gelatin and fat free yogurt. This is sure to make you lose weight for yogurt makes you feel full and filed with good bacteria that aids in faster digestion.

Fruit Sorbets

If you really have an affinity for ice cream, then this can definitely be your healthy option. It may look like an ice cream but its fat free. This can help you control the amount of sugar in your body. Don’t mind putting down that Baskin-Robbins ice cream and savor this one.

Whole Wheat Grapefruit Bran Biscotti

This lovely sweet treat does not only help you lose weight but also helps you in achieving good heart health. Whole grains give you a high amount of fiber which makes you feel full after chomping on a few good pieces. Grapefruit has certain antioxidants and vitamins that boosts your immune system and decreases your chance of developing certain diseases and aging problems. Mixing both gives you a power punch of sweet fit-inducing goodness.

Almond Butter Cookies

Tired of your usual peanut butter cookies? Here’s a healthier option. Almond butter cookies don’t just make cut down on the calories brought by chocolate chips but also gives you a rich supply of antioxidants. Using the almond butter is definitely a plus for your beating heart, and it doesn’t have high caloric content so this makes it guilt-free.

Baked Almond Stuffed Peaches

This is an all-in-one healthy package. Baking is one healthy way of cooking your food, almonds give you high nutrient levels without the guilt of weight increase and peaches which are very high in vitamins plus they’re delicious. The combination is a genius. You get to enjoy different tastes without the slightest hint of getting fat. It’s below 200-calorie content will make you ask for more without hesitation.

Eat now and feel the guilt washing away from your system. What are you waiting for?